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Friday, July 3, 2009


From left Jeff Zaiham ( Komander)Budin (Black)Razali (Mertas) & Ezam Shah (Kopi)
Sales & Marketing For X4 Adventure Team Mr Razali...

Admin X4



  1. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for being there at the innaugural X4 International Promotion Activity at the TiE APAC Conference 2009, Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur.

    My special tahnks for our very own Bro Razali (Mertas) for taking his time off to fully support the activity. Your commitment and dedication will not go unnoticed by the whole of X4.

    Yes we are beginning to embark upon INTERNATIONAL PROMOTIONS OF THE X4 TEAM programs. and as such, we will need to prepare ourselves for the possibility of being called upon as Hosts to handle International Guests.

    After the P2LX program, Hota Air Baloon Program and this Conference promotion booth, we are now ready to take on the world.

    As Co-Founder, Advisor and Member of X4, it is my duty to ensuure that the will be a comntinious stream of activities for ALL X4 members... You can do your part by improving yourselves to be a good abmassador to Malaysia ad it would be expected of you to do so. Shotrtlists for Host Drivers will be reviewed beased upon this hosting abilities.

    Lets us get prepared as we will soon corner the market in toursitc based Off Road and Outdoor Experience Adventure programs from the INternational markets.. We may soon embark upon promotiond on an international level that will require some X4 membhers to trravel to these destinations on a road show... do your part and I will do mine.

    Thanks & 73

    Jeff Zaiham
    Co-Founder, Advisor, Team X4
    Commander, 9W2ZHM

  2. Kepada Jeep Owners, jomlah joint kat sini kita ramai-ramaikan geng2 dari Malaysia...



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